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Shine a Little Light

The benefits of our energy expenditure travel beyond our wildest dreams. That's why it's so critical to keep shining.



I am not a preacher, a rabbi, a monk or any officially designated spiritual leader. I am a counselor, leadership trainer, writer and ultimately, a teacher—a teacher of the things I believe are most important and too often least addressed. Topics about intimacy, creating inner and outer peace, how to truly listen and accepting how cool you really are. The list goes on... .

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Life is cool! You are cool!

I love learning something new and sharing it with my clients, friends and family. From that day on I attempt to integrate this new wisdom into my life. This way I can keep doing life a little bit better, and then help others do the same.

Shine a little light.
Show us the way.
Lead us to a brighter day.
~Yitzi Hurwitz

Human beings are so blessed!

Every day we can awaken and decide to do our lives better than we did the day before. This desire to improve is built into our genetic makeup. Hunters, farmers, healers, parents, writers and athletes...are all looking for new and improved skills. Sometimes it is simply by practice, practice, practice—repetition has its own magical powers. Other times it is learning something entirely new and then, again, we practice, practice, practice. What is so compelling about improvement?

I don't totally understand what this historical, genetic quality of "getting better" is all about, but I do know that its opposites—stagnation, complacence and indifference—are ways to stop living while we're still alive. I also know that upgrading, refining and advancing predictably bring light into our world.

We are here on Earth to bring more light.

Today's topic is THE BIG ONE. How, in this lifetime, do I become the best person I was always meant to be?

Whew!! Where do I find the curriculum for this one?? It so happens, there is one and it has been around for over 3,000 years. It breaks down who each of us is into seven distinct but inherently interrelated attributes. This helped the newly freed Jewish slaves elevate themselves as they made their way out of Egypt, through the desert, north to the Holy Land.

Thank you, Simon Jacobson, for clarifying these steps in your now famous book, "The Counting of the Omer." Each of us can relate to these seven essential human ingredients, and with this clarity, can continue doing life better...and better!

Lovingkindness. Of course, we begin with lovingkindness. Without this essential human quality, what else matters? Lovingkindness allows us to let go of "me" and connect to others. A simple smile can change someone's day. Lovingkindness is the foundation. How can you do it better today?

Discipline. Without discipline our lovingkindness can become scattered. We don't focus and our love becomes diluted—we become diluted. Discipline directs our lovingkindness like a laser beam; our love hits our chosen targets. How is your discipline these days? Mine needs continual refining.

Compassion, Harmony. Compassion lets go of me so I am able to feel and care for you. You deeply matter and my caring about you releases my ego. Our self-centeredness fades and selflessness emerges. It's softer...but way more powerful. Breathe. Trust.

Endurance, Ambition. Without endurance our efforts float away. With it our values, dreams and goals become a reality. Hurdles are not truly hurdles; they are a normal part of every journey. How's your endurance these days? I have a few coaches to keep me on task.

Humility. This is the quiet force that runs the show. Humility is always saying "thank you." It realizes that "I" am only "I" because of infinite contributors: teachers, parents, friends, coaches, healers, mentors, angels... .

This awareness should make us smile with continual gratitude.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Bonding. We have arrived. Now there is no separation, only an inseparable union. Two become one. Two become one... .

Yes, we are still individual, but are we, really? This union allows us to be our highest selves—fully connected. Let go a little more and gain so much more.

Sovereignty, Nobility. These are not things "to do." This is simply an acknowledgment that we really matter. Do we ever! Sure, there are negative inner voices working overtime to convince us otherwise. That's their job. Ignore all that junk and listen to the truth! You matter. I matter. We matter.

Let's get better, every day.

Practice. Learn. Practice. Learn. Practice. And remember, it starts with lovingkindness.

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