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Shortsighted Solutions

I'm one of those reflexive anti-war guys, the type with one answer for everything. Stop the war. Bring the troops home from Iraq. Right now.



I'm one of those reflexive anti-war guys, the type with one answer for everything. Stop the war. Bring the troops home from Iraq. Right now. Bring'em home from Afghanistan, too, and if you ask me, it's high time that the US ends its brutal occupation of North America, as well. When confronted with the notion that the immediate departure of all US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan could lead to chaos, I'll respond that whatever happens next couldn't be any worse than if we remain. What if the various sides in Iraq start going at it? Doesn't America bear some responsibility? 'Yes,' I say, but the single solution is to bring home all troops.

I never quite grasped how annoying I must sound until I listened to the participants in yesterday's Tea Party nonsense, thousands of opportunistic dimwits proclaiming that immediate lowering of taxes will save the economy, restore America to greatness, and cure cancer as well. Why not throw that one in? It's not about meaningful debate, presenting evidence for one's ideas, a little helpful give-and-take. No. It's all about building a movement on pixie dust that will advance a few political careers. Today, we have two economic realities. Obama is perfectly correct when he says that the worst thing you can do in a recession is stop spending. People complain that Obama wants us to spend our way out of this recession. Well, that's how it's done. It will work, and it already is showing signs of working. However, the other reality is that the projected deficit is much larger than it has ever been. Such a deficit is perilous and unprecedented in this country.

It would be great to see some serious dialogue between the parties and see if we can't bring some of that spending in line. Therefore, it's especially sad that the Republican Party is dominated by loudmouth quacks that simply say no to everything, by secessionists (Yes, the governor of Texas actually suggested such a notion at a rally yesterday), and by anti-gay activists. The Republican ideas that have been brought to the table so far are every bit as perilous and shortsighted as my own pet notion: immediate troop withdrawal from the Middle East. We need real ideas, not cynical political posturing.

L. Minnie

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