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Little Bites: Shred Town Gone, Say Hello to Grilled Cheese



You may have noticed that the Shred Town food cart is no longer next to Aspect Board shop on Galveston Avenue. in Bend.

They've moved—not to another location in town, but to Hawaii.

In the cart's place is the Tennessee's Grilled Cheese bright red food cart. Tennessee's Grilled Cheese, previously by Atlas Cider, is now open for breakfast and lunch to satisfy your crispy bread and gooey cheese cravings.

We've heard locals rave about the Memphis melt with shredded pulled pork, smoked gouda and barbecue sauce on sourdough. Yum!

Location Details Tennessee's Grilled Cheese
Tennessee's Grilled Cheese
1009 NW Galveston
River West
Bend, OR
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