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Chinese history in Oregon

Chelsea Rose, staff archaeologist at Southern Oregon University, is interested in the early settlement and development of the American west. She has been featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting's archaeology show, "Time Team America."

Southern Oregon University is working on an archaeological excavation in Jacksonville, Ore., part of the First and Main Street sidewalks project that uncovered the remains of a Chinese home burned in 1888. 

The intact dwelling has yielded a collection of artifacts significant on a national level. The objects recovered provide new insight into food, medicine, recreation, and religion in a Chinese household in the 19th Century American West. Ongoing research will contribute to understanding the Chinese diaspora and the settlement and development of the Oregon Territory.  

ACLU files lawsuit to challenge anti-LGBT law

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of North Carolina, Lambda Legal, and Equality North Carolina filed a lawsuit challenging North Carolina's anti-LGBT law, HB 2. The case is on behalf of two transgender North Carolinians, Joaquín Carcaño, a UNC-Chapel Hill employee, and Payton McGarry, a UNC-Greensboro student, and Angela Gilmore, a lesbian and North Carolina Central University law professor.

"HB 2 is hurtful and demeaning. I just want to go to work and live my life," said plaintiff Carcaño. "But this is about more than bathrooms; this is about my job, my community, and my ability to get safely through my day and be productive like everyone else in North Carolina."

"No legislature should be using its power to require cities, counties, or school districts to discriminate against anyone," said Tara Borelli, Senior Attorney with Lambda Legal. "Clearly HB 2 is unconstitutional as it not only violates the guarantees of equal protection and due process in the U.S. Constitution but it also violates Title IX by requiring discrimination in education," she said.

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