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Six Reasons We Don't Need 10

Just when I thought it was dead and buried, the cut and thrust of left/right argument on your website "10 Commandments and God"



Just when I thought it was dead and buried, the cut and thrust of left/right argument on your website (letters page) brought this old claim up again - bringing the "10 Commandments and God" back into our schools would solve so many of our social problems.   

1. Isn't Theocratic Rule one of the reasons we don't like Iran and Saudi Arabia (woops, sorry, I didn't mean Saudi Arabia they're one of our allies and best providers of suicide airline pilots).

2. Shouldn't we maybe put the "10 Commandments and God" back in the White House first...and we'll work on the kids later?

3. If kids had the "10 Commandments and God" at home, surely they wouldn't need it at school!

4. What about the 10-15% of Americans who are atheists - don't they have rights too?  How about Muslim, Jane, Hindu, Buddhist.... Americans.  Are these "non-people," "non-citizens?"

5. Which version of God should we put in schools - there are some cute Hindu ones.

6. If kids don't have the "10 Commandments and God" at home - how likely are they to take any notice of these things in school anyway? Many don't seem to learn much there; do we really think "morals" would prove successful if we can't even teach them to use a condom?

6. Could proponents of putting the "10 Commandments and God" back in schools please explain what form this reinsertion is to take and what results they anticipate from this policy.

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