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Size-More Qualified Than Other GOP Candidates

Letter to the editor.



Oregon finds itself in quite a mess as we conclude the primary campaign and move to the general [election]. We are one of the leading states for unemployment and have been for a very long time. We have an education system that in most categories rates in the bottom 10 states, occasionally into the bottom third. We have had companies quietly move out of state with more exits expected. Our tax rates are among the highest in the country. Our infrastructure is in disrepair.

It is my opinion that we need to give a Republican administration a chance to correct the many wrongs done over the last several years. Chris Dudley is a nice fellow, an admitted celebrity, but a man with virtually no experience in management, business or leadership. Oregon can't now, or in the foreseeable future, afford to be a training ground for the inexperienced, especially as the chief executive of the state. Chris, while a stellar basketball player and local celebrity, has no experience relevant to the duties of governor.

Bill Sizemore has by far the most experience, awareness of issues, knowledge of our problems and solid practical solutions. He is also a man who can be counted on to be candid and to speak openly about our problems and solutions. His legal problems, well orchestrated by unions to bring a dark cloud to his candidacy, will disappear soon enough and should NOT be used as a judgment on his character. I have listened to him and find him an articulate, thoughtful, straight-talking, seasoned and reasonable man upon whom we can rely to get the job done.

Allen Alley understands business. However, his record of donating and supporting Democratic candidates is worrisome and makes me wonder just where his priorities and loyalties fall.

Bill Sizemore is the best candidate to go up against Kitzhaber. I urge my fellow independents, undecided, conservative Democrats and Republicans to vote for Bill Sizemore! Together we can get Oregon back on track - finally.

- Kendra Southwick

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