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Skip the iPod and Go Straight to the Source

A party isn't complete without the live music but be aware of the city's new noise ordinance.



It’s your end of summer blow-out and it’s time to pull out the stops. Hiring a live band is a great way to spice up your get together and to start the dance party.

Live bands are a little expensive. Doing this will probably run you anywhere from several hundred bucks to $1,000, but the atmosphere they provide is worth it. And there is no doubt your friends will be talking about your bash for years if you pony up the cash for this kind of memory-making.

We recommend trying to track down Hawaiian singer songwriter Bill Keale, who can croon to your guests and make them boogie on the dance floor or The Substitutes, who play dialed-in rock and roll covers and originals. But be brave and ask your favorite local band. They may just be up for your epic party.

WARNING! Bands are loud and the city has a brand new noise ordinance that applies to you. Here’s what you need to know:

• This summer, the city is rolling out its new noise ordinance. Police may measure the noise level of your party with a decibel meter. Basically, if your band is plugging into amps, you will likely exceed the city’s limits. So, it’s smart to keep it acoustic.

• To avoid run-ins with the cops, talk to all your neighbors. Invite them to your party. Pray your goodwill pays off. If the neighbors do call the cops, you could be looking at a Class A Violation. Even if you’ve never had complaints before and are a good little citizen that could run you $500! Ouch!

• No matter what, you’re going to want to wrap it up by 10 p.m. The city’s new rules are super strict about noise between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

• Noise permits are required primarily for commercial events, but you don’t need one if you are having a party or even if you are hiring a live band if you are on private property.

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