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Cody's Catering & Cookshack brings BBQ to the Century Center



For Cody Serbus, making tasty BBQ for the ravenous masses is more than just meat, fire, serve. The owner of Cody's Catering & Cookshack food truck in the Century Center near GoodLife Brewery says, "BBQ is a mix between science and just having that right touch. Believe me, I've had my fair share of growing pains over the years, but I feel like I know what tastes good, and if I don't like it, I am not going to serve it to someone else."

Having sampled Cody's ribs at Bite of Bend in June, I can confirm that his taste buds are in excellent working order. I still fantasize about the way the meat managed to hold onto the bone just long enough to make it to my mouth before melting on my tongue. This is high-quality, next-level, holy-crap-I-need-a-nap-no-maybe-just-one-more-rib kind of professional BBQ.

There has always been a great debate over which region of the U.S. has the best BBQ, but Serbus doesn't take sides.

"I would like to think that I have several different styles of BBQ, from Santa Maria Style (cooking tri-tips over an open pit), Texas smoking (smoking briskets for up to 14 hours), and even those midwest St. Louis Pork Ribs," he says. "Some flavors are even breaking out of the U.S. with a tasty South American chimichurri sauce and a Cuban sandwich that hasn't let anyone down."

I must concur about the Cuban. I had one, and I'm still flying high on smoked and fried pork, applewood smoked ham, melted Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and aioli enveloped by a toasted French roll just thick enough to soak up the juices, but thin enough to let the filling be the star.

Other offerings include BBQ chicken, smoked tri-tip Caesar, an anything but classic club sandwich (or wrap), and a pulled pork sandwich. Zach Miller, who works across from Cody's at Pack Ship & More, has already established a favorite menu item. "It's the burnt ends sandwich. It's killer. Best barbecue in town," he says.

As the name suggests, Cody's also does catering. "I love to bring out my BBQ to a wedding reception or a company event," he says. "I enjoy being a part of something special."

As far as I'm concerned, Cody's food truck is already a part of something special: my regular lunch plans. You'll find me in line for his swine at Munch & Music and Summerfest.

Cody's Catering & Cookshack

Century Center

70 SW Century Dr., Bend


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