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Farm to Fork provides food with a view


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There's been quite a bit written lately about Smith Rock. Most of that writing has been about the overcrowding and the long wait—so it's easy to forget why the site is so popular in the first place. As Central Oregonians, we know how beautiful and downright majestic Smith Rock is, so obviously people from all over the world are going to come here to see the splendor with their own eyes.

The Farm to Fork Dinner: Sunset at Smith Rock aims to give Central Oregonians a different way to view Smith Rock, while also raising funds for a nonprofit that deserves it: the Heart of Oregon Corps.

Aperion Management Group is hosting the event in the Ranch at the Canyons.

Founder and CEO of AMG, Katie Anderson, explains more. "One of the greatest struggles in Central Oregon today is finding qualified employees. As the soft skill gap continues to grow, Aperion Management Group has been looking for solutions and an organization that could use support. Our team did not have to look far to find a nonprofit that fit this mold. Heart of Oregon Corps was founded in 2000 by three Central Oregon change-makers and hires/trains over 300 local youth every year."

With her farm connections from growing up in Powell Butte combined with her relationship with Heart of Oregon and Ranch at the Canyons, the Farm to Fork Dinner was born. "Our goal is to raise $10,000 for Heart of Oregon Corps Fleet for the Future campaign and we are on target to hit that and more," says Anderson.

The menu from chefs Matthew Johnson (Pig Sauce Company) and Corey Whalen (One Street Down Cafe) aims to impress. "The menu for this event is Alsatian," says Johnson. "The region in the Alps that borders France and Germany. Choucroute Garni features a variety of smoked pork and sausages nestled in French style sauerkraut along with steamed potatoes and are considered the 'National Dish of Alsace.' In addition, we will be featuring Tarte Flambee, or sometimes called Flammekueche. This is a flatbread crust topped with crème fraiche seasoned with nutmeg, sautéed onions and lardon. Both of these dishes have variations which we will be serving as well. Wines such as dry Rieslings, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noirs pair exceptionally well to the rich comfort foods we will be serving," Johnson adds.

Since the event is called "Farm to Fork," the food sourcing is obviously local, with some of Central Oregon's finest farms making a showing at the table. "We are sourcing many of our fruits, vegetables, cheeses and all of our proteins from Central Oregon farms," says Johnson. "Dancing Cow Farm is our primary source for all things pork. Jerre Kosta raises amazing Tamworth pigs as well as Jacob Sheep on her farm. Bluestone Farm produces the goats milk products, including feta cheese, butter and mozzarella. Angels Rest Farm is where we sourced our organic chickens. Most of our produce comes from Dancing Cow Farm as well."

Johnson paired the meal with the location, as the Ranch at the Canyons isn't just a gated community, but also an actual working ranch. "I had visited the event location a few times to get the feel for the event night," says Johnson. "The feel of the home with high ceilings, oversize fireplace and stuffed animal heads really reminded me of the time I lived in France and would travel to the Alps in the winter time. Once we had decided on smoking a Tamworth Pig for our main course for the Farm to Fork, the rest of the meal came together with my passion for all things French."

With the decadence of the meal and the Ranch at the Canyons, it is easy to forget the natural majesty of Smith Rock. "I think the thing that people forget about this area," says Anderson, "is all that it has to offer, not only the amazing hiking, fishing and camping but this area is also a thriving agricultural area. We are blessed with communities like Ranch at the Canyons that allows owners to live in this beautiful area while still maintaining that agricultural history of the original land."

Farm to Fork Dinner: Sunset at Smith Rock

Sunday, Oct. 15, 5pm

Ranch at the Canyons, 11050 NE Vineyard Way, Terrebonne


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