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So Long, Farewell...



Hi, I want to thank Bend for giving me an opportunity to explore the countless mountain biking trails in and around Bend.

As a biking commuter I will be relocating to California since I can bike commute 12 months out of the year without the worry of iced up bike lanes.

I've lived here for a mere 5 years and have had little luck meeting proactive, inspired, passionate, enthusiastic, compassionate, honest people in Bend. This is the first city where I have met few contacts who do not flake out. Surprising since this city has been in many magazines that say Bend is a proactive outdoors mecca for athletes. I have met quite a few cyclists mainly out on Phil's Trail, Mrazek, Deschutes River Trail, Swampy Lakes etc. Working in the grocery retail industry however has allowed me to really meet many residents here in Bend and most seem very on guard or reserved. Why? This whole area is surrounded by stunning country with the Cascade mountain range to our west and Smith Rock to our north.

Perhaps the inspiring 2030 plan that is now in effect will offer some solutions to this when it brings in those huge companies like AT&T, Qwest, and Nike who will offer a combined 20,000 jobs. The average pay will be around $17.00 per hour....Uhhh NOT! More like low-end restaurants. And when I visit in 20 years I won't be able to distinguish Sunriver from Bend. By then the intelligent people would have moved on to a more viable state.

The median income in Bend is $40,000...Ooooooh what a wonderful salary of $10.00 per hour. I do have a friend who is a trader making $10,000 per month so perhaps we should have classes on how to be traders and give the low-paying jobs to those who have a 3rd grade education.

There is definitely money to be made and there are those saavy enough to make bank...outside of working here in Bend. I see plenty of people at restaurants spending plenty of money so it is obvious people are still making bank. To all of you out there, check out YouTube. They offer video options on how to make serious money like $10,000 a week.

Good luck to you all.


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