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Some Drivers Are Bikers, Too


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With the onslaught of bikers visiting Bend to compete, I'm reminded of an experience I had a few years ago.

Creeping through town lined with parked cars, my son and I were in a Miata with the top down. BOOM! Suddenly there was a biker spread across our windshield. He was on his way to the race; we were on our way home. As he writhed in pain onlookers quickly acted and called an ambulance. My son and I were extremely distraught, had minor injuries and were completely ignored. We overheard comments, "driving too fast," "why don't people look." When the police came they attended to the biker and then came to us, asked us what happened and if we were OK.

Honestly, I had no idea what happened and what I possibly could have done to create such a trauma. After the police did their investigative work, they came to our home that evening and explained to us that the biker had blazed through a stop sign and ran into our car. While the unprotected biker in pain seemed to be the victim, it turned out that we, the car driver and passenger, were the victims.

As I drove my son to his mountain biking class this morning, passing the practicing racers on the road, I contemplated my dual lifestyle. Both a driver and supporter of bikers I'd like to remind us all to be careful and respectful of each other.

— anonymous

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