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Stay Cool, Man.


It may not technically be summer yet, but it sure feels like it. Weather experts report that Oregon is set for another hot summer, so many Oregonians are focused on keeping their homes cool during long, sunny days.

The Oregon Department of Energy has some energy and cost-saving tips for beating the heat:

Open your windows at night so the cool night air can replace the warm air inside your home.

Open windows on opposite sides of the house to encourage a cross-breeze.

Close your drapes and blinds during the day, and consider adding exterior window awnings to add more window shade.

Keep your lights off when you can, and replace old incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.

LEDs not only use less energy, they produce far less heat!

Have a professional tune up your air conditioning equipment every year.

Clean or replace filters monthly, and make sure your vents are open and unobstructed.

Weatherize! Weatherization isn’t just for the colder months. Solid insulation, window caulking, and sealed ductwork will help keep cool air in and warm air out.

Get ahead of the game for next year by planting trees and shrubs that can add shade to your home in the summer. Fall is an excellent time to plant, so start planning now!

ODOE also offers incentives to homeowners and renters interested in upgrading their heating and cooling systems – investments that can improve comfort, reduce energy use, and save money.
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Shaded homes make for a cooler house. - ODE
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  • Shaded homes make for a cooler house.

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