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Stiegler Is Playing Both Sides - Badly



Yet another low has been reached by the Stiegler campaign, with the ridiculous ad, "In Tune With Bend," which aired this week. The ad has an accordion-playing Stiegler playing to the delight (?) of several young children. In the background, several long guns are propped up against a wall. In an effort to "look" pro-gun, she comes across as hypocritical. The most ardent of NRA supporters wouldn't do a photo shoot with pre-schoolers and guns in the same room! Considered to be the most anti-gun house representative in Salem, according to the Oregon Firearms [Federation], Stiegler will do anything to get votes from both pro-gun and anti-gun constituents.

Last week a Source Weekly "Mailbox" letter writer took issue with Jason Conger "HOMESCHOOLING ALL (printed in caps) five of his children." It's no secret that there is a huge homeschool community in Central Oregon. By the way, some of the Source employees' children have been homeschooled in recent years. Wow, scaaaary. The assertion that Jason is out of touch because he happens to be a homeschool dad is just another Nightmare on Elm Street scare tactic coming from the anti-Conger campaign and its supporters.

The truly scary thing is that Stiegler continues to air dopey and lowbrow ads in an effort to distract the voters from her outrageous voting record. Voters be forewarned, the local state representative who voted for 39 of 40 new taxes last year was none other than Ms. Stiegler.

Editor's note: We checked, Ms. Brackett's assertion about the Oregon Firearms Federation (slogan: Oregon's only no compromise gun lobby) and found that Judy Stiegler was one of several legislators and candidates to receive OFF's lowest rating. We also found several other interesting assertions and encourage readers to check the site out for themselves to see if it squares with their idea of the Second Amendment. It's at

P.S. The Source staff's personal educational decisions do not inform which letters we choose to run in the Mailbox. The opinions were, are and always will be, those of the author - not the publication.

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