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Still Reeling: We give you the run down on a few films to check out at this year's BendFilm Festival

We give you the run down on a few films to check out at this year's BendFilm Festival.


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With BendFilm on the horizon, providing four days of films split between six different screens, there's plenty to choose from. Here at The Source we've done the work for you to provide a suggested list of flicks to catch this weekend.


The Road to Fallujah

This powerful documentary follows Mark Manning, who was the only Western civilian to live among the people of Iraq after the 2004 battle that destroyed the city of Fallujah. Manning and Iraqi journalist and humanitarian aid worker Rana Al-Aiouby helped deliver aid to the people of this beaten-down city and were able to document their experience. Thursday, Oct 8, 9pm, Regal 5.

Vincent: A Life in Color

There is no doubt we've got some characters in Bend. It's probably fair to say they've got nothing on Vincent P. Falk, the Chicago resident who spends the boat season entertaining tour boat passengers by spinning on bridges throughout the city, all while dressed in brightly colored suits. The filmmakers followed Falk through the boat season to unravel the mystery that encompasses him. Filmmaker Jennifer Burns will be in attendance, along with the film's star, Vincent P. Falk. Friday, Oct 9, 8:30pm, McMenamins 2.

Back to the Garden: Flower Power Comes Full Circle

Have you ever wondered what happened to the hippies? You know, those tree-hugging, flower power promoters of peace who lived away from the mainstream - occasionally in broken down school busses with day-glo flowers and peace signs painted on the sides? In 1988, Filmmaker Kevin Tomlinson interviewed and filmed a group of hippies in a healing garden in rural Washington. In 2006, he tracked down his subjects to find out what became of their hippie lifestyles and utopian dreams. Saturday, Oct 10, 10am, Regal 5.

The Women and the Waves

Here in Central Oregon, we have tons of girls who are passionate about riding on snow, but this documentary follows ten women who live for riding the waves. In this documentary, we learn why "surfing like a girl" is a really good thing. Friday, Oct 9, 8:30pm, Tower Theater. Saturday, Oct 10, 8pm, Regal 5.


A Film With Me In It

You've heard of the luck of the Irish, right? Well in this film, the luck is all bad. Set in Dublin, two slackers end up being the only ones alive in the house they share after all the other residents fall victim to avoidable accidents. As if that's not bad enough, the two then have to figure out how to hide more bodies than the mob. This is the first film of the festival, so it's sure to be a party. Thursday, Oct 8, 8pm, Tower Theatre.

The Attic Door

As children, we all had inexplicable fears, often of things or places in our very own homes. Imagine having to face these fears without your parents to ease your anxieties. This film tells the story of two pioneer siblings abandoned in the 19th century American West. The two continue to run their family farm, all while eagerly awaiting the return of their parents. Behind the attic door something has awakened and the brother and sister duo realize they aren't alone and must now face their greatest fear. Friday, Oct 9, 3pm, Regal 5. Saturday, Oct 10, 3pm, Sisters Movie House.

White on Rice

In a time when divorce is more common than, I don't know, the chicken pox, a 40-year-old divorcee finding himself down and out, forced to share a bunk bed with his 10-year-old nephew probably isn't that irregular. This is the set up for White on Rice, in which a man named Jimmy goes on a full-on wife hunt, but falls for the wrong girl - his brother-in-law's niece, who just so happens to be dating his co-worker. Sounds awkwardly hilarious. Saturday, Oct 10, 3:30pm, McMenamins 2.


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