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Street Beat: Budtenders Know Best

We asked locals: What strains do workers in the industry enjoy the most?



Not only are the dispensary options vast in Central Oregon, but there is also a variety of bud to choose from. Do you want an Indica? Sativa? Maybe a hybrid? The different highs combined with such unique names can be a little overwhelming when trying to make a purchase.

So, for this Street Beat, we reached out to various budtenders in the area to see what they like smoking best and why. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find your new favorite!

  • Daniel Robbins

Tyler "Hobey" Weston – Oregrown

(Winner of Best Budtender in our Best of Central Oregon 2019)

Favorite Strain: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Hobey's take on the strain: "I like this strain and the cookie strain varieties for their earthy, doughy flavors and their relaxing, stress-relieving effects that hit the user with that 'behind the eyes' effect that I personally enjoy.

Nikki Gifford – Dr. Jolly's

Favorite Strain: Wedding Cake

  • Submitted

Nikki's take on the strain: "This is the best flower I have ever smoked, and this is my absolute favorite strain! I love this strain for its aroma; the flavors of tangy sweet earth and pepper grab my attention. It's visually stunning with its dense darkness and crystalized bud structure."

Bret H.D. – Tokyo Starfish

Favorite Strain: Ketama

  • Submitted

Bret's take on the strain: "While many of the 'designer' strains of late have fantastic curb appeal, they can leave you wanting more from their fleeting highs. With land race strains, especially good ones like this Ketama, the high will last—and is like being taken on a historic journey to the far corners of the world."

Mylea Parker – Top Shelf Medicine

Favorite Strain: Pre 98' Bubba Kush

  • Dopafide

Mylea's take on the strain:

"The nose gives you strong notes of your favorite Fruity Pebbles cereal, while leaving a tasteful and fresh breath. The effects give a strong body high that is sure to leave you relaxed and worry free."

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