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Summer Adventure

Up, up and away


An introduction...

Floating down the Deschutes River, along the lazy stretches in Bend, that phenomena is on display as invisible convection current shimmer as the air rises from the warmed earth into the atmosphere. It is an image and an attitude that quintessentially belongs to summertime—an effervesce, a symbol of letting go, ephemeral and expanding.

For this issue, our annual Summer Action Guide, we take you up in the air, and celebrate those wide-open Central Oregon skies. Writer Kristine Swann joins a local hot air balloon cowboy as he takes flight on a recent early morning—and provides an enticing invitation to this weekend's Balloons Over Bend. And, our new writer, Jesse Kratz, looks into honeybees and suggests a few ways to start a new hobby. (She reported back that she was only stung once!)

We also send our staff writer James Williams to explore a few shady places to climb, and to get off the ground. Pro mountain biker Lindsey Voreis gives precise tips how to lift that mountain bike off the trails and nearly launch yourself into orbit the next time you hit a jump.

The Source wants you to enjoy your summer—oh, we really really do! And, there are dozens of ways to interact with the skies above Bend. We offer a few—and hope they inspire you to get up and out there.

Perhaps go fly a kite. Or, better yet, learn to fly—yes, as in an airplane (two wings, a small engine and a heavenly feeling of floating over the already High Desert). The skies over Central Oregon offer expanses of beauty and wonder, and a bird's-eye-view of hundreds of square miles of green forests, red canyons and crystal blue rivers (Central Oregon Community College, 541-318-3702, offers classes as well as private lessons; Professional Air at the Bend Airport, 800-261-0019). Or, if soaring at hundreds of feet above the desert is too Amelia Earhart daredevil for you, then perhaps this Thursday's City Club forum on drones, "The Evolution from Battleground to Backyard," will open up a world of virtual flight, as the military tools begin to take on affordable hobby opportunities. (11:30 am–1 pm, St. Charles Bend, $20 for members and first-time attendees, $35 for nonmembers.) Dare we say: The sky is the limit!

Enjoy summer.

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