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On June 21, the sun will rise at 5:21 am and set at 8:51 pm, the so-called longest day of the year. But really? It is just 24 hours like every other day; the same length of time and the same rotation around its axis as a gray, rainy day in November.

Summer, though, just seems better. No one ever made a movie called Endless Autumn did they, and chase some elusive goal to never let the season end? Nope! Summertime is special. We like to squeeze every vitamin D-soaked moment out of it, like some tube of toothpaste that we don't want to waste a single drop.

That's where we help! We figure you know where to find your hammock, but when you want to get out and about our annual Summer Events Guide is conveniently broken into sections so that you don't have to think too hard. (Right? Summertime isn't about thinking, that's why they don't have school during summertime!). We list beer events along with a profile of the granddaddy beer event of them all, the Bend Brew Festival, and, because summertime doesn't only happen during the daytime, we point you towards stage and film events in the evenings.

Enjoy your summertime!

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