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Summer Movie Previews—Part Two



Welcome back to Part Two of the Summer Movie preview, in which the month of July is covered. There are a ton of exciting releases not covered here, so look at this as a guide for the huge stuff. Enjoy.

July 1 "The BFG"

What it's about: It's an adaptation of the lovely Roald Dahl children's book. It tells the tale of a big friendly giant who teams up with a young orphan to capture the bad giants who eat humans for fun.

What to expect: Director Steven Spielberg has always been very good at trading in on nostalgia, so expect to have all of the feels. It should be a combination of fun excitement and wistful melancholy.

Worth seeing?: Spielberg's track record is good enough to deserve a lifetime pass. The trailers look gorgeous and the film should be an enchanting one.

July 1 "The Purge: Election Year"

What it's about: The film follows the premise of "Everyone can kill anyone for 12 hours a year" and adds some politics to it. The hero from "The Purge: Anarchy" has to protect a senator who has pledged to end Purge Night.

What to expect: A bloody good time. "Purge: Anarchy" was a much improved look into the concept after the underwhelming original. Adding a dash of satirical politics can only improve this franchise.

Worth seeing?: With few good horror movies coming out every year, it's hard to skip ones that look this fun. It will be worth seeing just for its commentary on America's current political climate.

July 8 "The Secret Life of Pets"

What it's about: What do animals do when their people aren't around? Just watch this movie and learn all about it.

What to expect: This should be goofy fun for the kiddos as well as the adults. The trailers have been omnipresent for months, so parents have probably heard all about it multiple times from their excited kids.

Worth seeing?: As the massive success of the new "Jungle Book" proved, people still love talking animals. At worst, this will be a forgettable diversion in a nice air-conditioned theater.

July 15 "Ghostbusters"

What it's about: Some of the funniest female comedians of the modern age take over the firehouse and become the new Ghostbusters. Hijinks involving proton packs and slimy ghosts ensue.

What to expect: The trailers for the film aren't great, but quite a bit of the outcry against this movie has a decidedly sexist slant to it. The movie might be great or might be terrible, but it certainly won't ruin anyone's childhood.

Worth seeing?: It's worth seeing JUST so it makes a ton of money and shuts up the annoying Men's Rights Activists. It's also worth seeing so more female-driven action comedies can get made.

July 22 "Star Trek Beyond"

What it's about: Now that JJ Abrams has left the Trek for the Wars, the director of the best "Fast and Furious" movies takes over the franchise. Nothing has been revealed about the plot, but maybe there are aliens involved?

What to expect: Fun. Absolute fun. That will be a nice change of pace after the dour seriousness of "Star Trek Into Darkness." The trailer has explosions and Beastie Boys, so this certainly looks like a summer movie.

Worth seeing?: The Star Trek cast is always game and even "Into Darkness" has its moments. For those in love with the Star Trek universe, this one looks like a safe bet so far.

July 29 "Jason Bourne"

What it's about: Now Jason Bourne remembers everything and still has some revenge to get. Matt Damon returns to the series after a nine-year absence, so maybe the plot will finally get wrapped up.

What to expect: Damon re-teams with director Paul Greengrass and it seems like Jeremy Renner's character from "Bourne Legacy" is all but forgotten. Good. The first three were classics, so the less said about #4, the better.

Worth seeing?: Absolutely. The plot twists, world traveling escapades and pulse-pounding action sequences make the Bourne series delightful.

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