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Support Barack



I believe the health, perhaps even survival, of our nation depends on three issues: the economy, energy and our relationships with foreign nations.

America is weakened. Our economy is stumbling, our infrastructure is crumbling and we are militarily over-extended. I support Barack Obama because I believe we must change direction, significantly. We've been on a "Borrow and Spend" free-for-all. Our nation now has an unprecedented $9 trillion national debt. We must change direction.

Our economic crisis is worsened by our precarious energy situation. America now imports 70% of our oil. McCain's response calls for more domestic drilling. I give Obama credit for telling the difficult truth on this issue: America consumes 25% of the world's oil but we have only 3% of the world's oil reserves. We cannot drill our way out of dependence on foreign oil. To regain independence we must aggressively develop renewable energy options. Obama's energy plan is spot on.

Another reason I support Obama is that we need to re-establish strong relationships with foreign allies, quickly. Now, more than any time since the cold war, we need strong, creative relationships with foreign nations. Obama's thoughtful approach will be more effective than McCain's volatile, quick-draw tendencies.

I love my country, but am frustrated and worried about it. If we elect Obama, I will be genuinely proud of America for the first time in a long time. Such a step would be a major breakthrough on the race issue. And it would show that we are ready to courageously embrace change.

At this point, no single President is going to be able to make it all better. It gives me hope that Obama has said as much himself. Consistently he's said, "It isn't going to be easy. Everybody is going to have to sacrifice to get through this." We, you and me, regular citizens, are going to have to take responsibility for redirecting our troubled nation. Obama's unwillingness to take the easy road and tell us that if we vote for him everything will be OK, suggests that he may actually make the necessary hard choices. Not once have I heard McCain call on Americans to do anything other than vote for him.

Barrack Obama, accompanied by engaged, everyday citizens like you and me, is our best chance for re-invigorating our economy, our democracy and our nation.

Cylvia Hayes, Bend

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