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Supremely Obscene

No one who's ever seen the Mr. Boston's bar guide could expect a bartender to know all of the drinks in it, particularly the more


No one who's ever seen the Mr. Boston's bar guide could expect a bartender to know all of the drinks in it, particularly the more obscure. But it never fails that someone can't believe that you don't know how to make their favorite shot, which is usually crudely named or has a name that has nothing to do with its ingredients.

Last night I was informed what a Vegas Bomb is. I thought it was most likely a shot of Grey Goose with a showgirl and a line of blow, but this gentleman disdainfully informed me that a Vegas Bomb is Jameson dropped into Redbull. I must admit, it confounds me that a green-malted Irish Whisky from Cork is in any drink with Vegas in the title.

The night before a guy ordered a Coors Light and three pink pussies from me. Upon knowledge that I didn't know what the hell that was, this guy looked at me like I told him I flunked the second grade. "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS???"

"Yeah, I know what a pink pussy is. I just don't know what you think it is. And furthermore, we're just not in the business of selling them," I responded.

With names like abortion, bloody tampon, gorilla's puke, and smoker's cough (which I have come to find is a shot of Jägermeister with a scoop of mayonnaise in it), there is an endless supply of nasty tasting and nasty named shots that very few, if any, bartenders know all the names and ingredients to. My word of wisdom to you is to learn how to drink Jäger or Jameson if you like to have a shot, which will save you from having to explain to someone what a dirty sanchez is, especially when most people know what it is and it doesn't have any alcohol in it.

The Supreme Obscene

This shot can be made with any leftover condiments in your refrigerator and old alcohol left in your parent's liquor cabinet from the early 70's, but my favorite is as follows:

2 oz chartreuse

1 egg yolk

2 splashes of taco sauce

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