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Swayze Summer!

Two hot months of Patrick Swayze


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People's sexiest man alive (circa 1991), enviable dance skills, the ability to make women want him and men want to be him and, oh man, dat ass.

The Source has created a summer film series to honor the work of one of our favorite late, great actors, Patrick Swayze (swoon)!

Let us refresh you on the high points of his legacy. Red Dawn, bringing the Soviet invasion to the Midwest, where a bunch of unruly teenagers with machine guns save the day! Dirty Dancing, the hottest lowest budget flick about summer resort hip-grinding ever made. Ghost, pottery and Patrick, and don't forget Whoopi and Demi in a weird purgatory love triangle! Heck, yes! The Outsiders, we might rumble after this one, but not as hard as Swayze rumbles in Road House, featuring the most face punchingist, throat rippingest bar fights of all time.

Swayze could play anything, romantic, badass, self-absorbed (see his role as a self-help guru in cult classic Donnie Darko) or sweet. He could dance and charm and all he had to do was bat his long lashes and flash those blue eyes at Keanu Reeves to make him fire his gun in the air while yelling "ARRRRGGGGHHH!" We relate, Johnny Utah! That's how Swayze makes us feel too! Our guns just go ooofffffff!

On Wednesday, we start SWAYZE SUMMER with Point Break.

Why? YOU MEAN WHY NOT? Any movie where Gary Busey's performance isn't the most intense part of the film is worth a watch. Directed by Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow (Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty), undercover FBI agent Keanu Reeves attempts to track down the ex-presidentially dressed bank-robbing surf gang led by Swayze himself—foot chases, wave-catching, dog-punting, explosions, skydiving and endless summer adventure! Catching this 1991 epic, FOR FREE, is a no-brainer.

Nothing goes better with Bodhi's flowing locks than a delicious Widmer Brothers beer, donated by our generous sponsor. Four lucky winners will learn to swim like Utah thanks to passes donated by SHARC in Sunriver up for raffle. Vaya con dios, brah.

The Swayze-ness doesn't end Wednesday—Point Break is just the first film in our summer-long tribute to the iconic actor. Stay tuned for more.

Swayze Summer! Point Break

8 pm

July 17

Old Stone Church, 157 NW Franklin Ave.


Speaking of Swayze Summer, Point Break


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