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I get a lot of crap for eating out alone: "Oh, I'd never do that!" Or  "I'd be too embarrassed!"

So you're embarrassed to be by yourself in public? That's kind of a bummer. 

I eat alone mostly for CHOW, but I do go out to eat on my own as much as I can. I enjoy the absolute hell out of being on my own time. To come and go as I please. To take as long as I want. It's FANTASTIC. I'm really comfortable with myself...scratch that. I really like myself. It's great being me. Have you met me? I'm awesome.

You spend the most time with you, so why not try and appreciate that? I think a lot of people focus too much on impressing other people. Not everyone is going to like you, you're not going to like everyone. Hey, guess what? GOOD. That's natural.. People who like everything are It's exhausting conforming to other people's wants and needs. By spending just a little time figuring out what yours are, life can be a bit more effortless, and you gotta get those wins where you can. 

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