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Cohousing – A Place for Community

A viable alternative to the dilemma of placing a tiny house is found in creating a permanent cohousing community of small homes that are larger than the typical tiny homes on wheels.

According to the Cohousing Association of the United States (cohousing.org), there are 158 established communities in the U.S., with 16 of them in Oregon. Higher Ground is a unique cohousing neighborhood in northeast Bend bordered by Daggett and Jackson Streets.

For those of you unfamiliar with co-housing, I suggest you search the term online and see all the communities that exist. I have been fascinated by this housing concept and it is something I personally am interested in pursuing for my next housing move. There are many such communities all around the country where one sees a true sense of community shared by people from all age groups benefitting from the unique gifts that each offers. A typical characteristic of a cohousing communities is a shared area where homes are clustered together like a little village with lots of common area space for gardens, fruit trees, parks and recreation. There is often a community gathering hall with a kitchen where people get together for meals or community activities and meetings.

What sets these intentional communities apart is that they are multi-generational and ecologically-focused. One example of a benefit of these communities is shared childcare responsibilities. Members of the community who are retired help supervise children after school and may also start a community dinner while waiting for parents to come home. In kind, when elder members need a ride to the doctor or help with something around the home, the favor is returned. It is a win-win situation for everyone and really a true community atmosphere. 

A similar type of community of micro housing units would be a viable alternative to meeting our local housing shortages and providing affordable housing.

Home Price Round-up


Address: 2430 NE Ocker Dr., Bend, OR 97701

2 beds, 1 baths, 864 square feet, .22 acre lot

Built in 1980


Listed by Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate


Address: 2350 NE 8th St, Bend, OR 97701

3 beds, 2.5 baths, 3798 square feet, .85 acre lot

Built in 1930


Listed by Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate


Address: 2527 NW Peoples Ct, Bend, OR 97701

4 beds, 3.5 baths, 3036 square feet, .73 acre lot

Built in 1989


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