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Keep Warm by Being Green


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Keep Warm by Being Green

Winter is just around the corner, so while the fall temperatures are still a little above average, now may be the best time to take on some DIY projects that will help keep your home warm when temperatures start to drop. All projects are not created equal, but some will help put money back in your pocket.

Robert Hamerly, owner and founder of Green Savers, says "utility rebates for home improvement projects, state tax credits...and possible federal tax credits," are available for home improvement projects. Green Savers helps homeowners find tax credits. "We are swimming in theses waters daily and once we figure out the project scope, we can go out and chase down these pots of money to make it a sweeter deal," says Hamerly.

Hamerly suggests the following tips to make sure your home is heat efficient for the winter:

Prepare your heating appliances by checking heat pumps and changing filters. It's important to begin the season with a clean filter or by vacuuming out dust, especially in homes with pets.

Program your thermostat. Hamerly says some people don't think to reprogram their thermostat for the winter months. It's particularly important for gas furnaces to be programmed.

Add foam blocks to your crawl space/foundation vents. Not only will they keep the heat in your home, they also keep the cold air out.

Consider getting an energy audit. The evaluation of your home's heating system and making sure doors and windows are properly sealed can prevent higher utility bills.

GreenSavers, Neil Kelly, and Button Up Energy are locally based energy efficiency companies that offer home evaluations. By making a few changes, your home can be greener and save you from higher utility bills.


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