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Tea Party Has Answers



In response to Mick McMenamenuto's (hey, it's a fake name anyway) claim that Tea Partiers have no answers but just want to complain, you are wrong.

The answer to the gigantic government deficit is to stop wasteful spending in Congress, in state government, and on the city commission. Stop pork barrel projects. (Yes, that includes federal funding for building frog tunnels in Sunriver, too.) Cut Congressional pay and reduce the size of our oversized, bloated, wasteful government. Open up our natural resources to the vast resources of oil, coal and natural gas right here in our country so we can stop depending on the Middle East for our energy.

Develop all those alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, and build the safest, most fuel-efficient and most reliable vehicles in the world... and build them in the U.S. Bring all those jobs back to America and away from foreign countries who are getting rich at our expense. Yes, Tea Partiers have answers...If only someone would just bother to listen to the common sense that Tea Partiers represent.

The first tea party occurred in Boston Harbor back in 1773 as a protest over excessive taxation of imported tea to the colonies from Great Britain. In that spirit, the new Tea Party movement is a protest against irresponsible out-of-control government spending and lack of accountability by Congress and it has a following of ordinary concerned Americans

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