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Teaching Girls the Dirt

Girls AllRide expands on the mountain-biking opportunities offered to women through Ladies AllRide



Mountain bikers in the region may already be familiar with Ladies AllRide, the mountain bike skills camps that bring people identifying as women together to learn skills and revel in the love of cycling in the dirt.

Now, the circle is expanding with the addition of Girls AllRide, offering up opportunities for the younger generation to ride and learn. I chatted with Liz Arollo, program coordinator and coach of Girls AllRide about the new programming.

Source Weekly: Explain what Girls AllRide is, and where we can see its programming happening – just in Central Oregon or elsewhere, too?

Liz Arollo: Girls AllRide has a mission to use mountain biking as a platform for youth to discover potential, build community and strengthen themselves—inside and out. The main goal is to help girls develop their mountain biking skills and have fun, but we also want to teach them how to face fears, believe in themselves and think positively.

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We will integrate the same Ladies AllRide coaching philosophy where we relate mountain biking to life while making it fun and educational. We are passionate about helping the younger generation feel empowered and discover that they are capable of more than they thought possible! 

For the 2022 season we are only holding Girls AllRide camps in Bend. We do hope to offer the camps in other areas of Central Oregon and out of state with the Ladies AllRide Camps as we grow our program.

SW: What's an ideal age for the typical girl who already knows how to ride a bike to start mountain biking?

LA: If they know how to ride a bike they should try mountain biking!!! The Girls AllRide program's age range is from 9-15. This is the age where girls begin to face numerous physical and emotional challenges. Our program is unique in that we provide an encouraging environment to progress mountain biking skills as well as focus on building self-confidence. We do this through journaling and lessons from the book, "The Confidence Code for Girls," to gain the mental tools and to embrace their authentic self.  

SW: What bike skills should they already have?

LA: They should know how to start and stop on dirt or gravel roads without assistance and enjoy the challenge of riding on easy single or double-track terrain. 

SW: How can families help their girls prepare?

LA: Families can help their girls prepare by getting them familiar with riding on a bike on pavement first and once they are comfortable, have them get used to riding on dirt or gravel next. Take breaks as needed, have lots of snacks and make time for exploring in nature. 

SW: What has mountain biking brought to the lives of the people behind Girls AllRide?

LA: Mountain biking has taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of. Mountain biking has provided us with a community of like-minded people who are not only passionate about mountain biking but are also dedicated to building a supportive community.

SW: How can people get involved as either participants or volunteers or otherwise?

LA:  Let us know if you'd like to be involved by emailing us at: girls@ladiesallride.com

To register as a participant visit our website:

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