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Tell Us How You Really Feel: Vaccine Exemptions


The discussion about vaccine exemptions is heating up, with Oregon Senate Bill 442 igniting debate over the fine line between individual liberty and collective safety. (See some of the proposed amendments here).

It's even attracted attention from environmental activist, author, and attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who will be in Salem today holding a private screening of the documentary Trace Amounts (watch the trailer below) and talking to senators. No big deal.

We're delving deeper into this issue, and how it affects Central Oregonians. To that end, we want to hear from you. Take our poll and then feel free to expand on your thoughts in the comments, or by sending your thoughts directly to Associate Editor Erin Rook (yup, that's me) for possible inclusion in future coverage. We may regret this later, but until then: open the flood gates.

(Note: We shouldn't have to remind you, but keep it civil folks. Don't make us monitor your comments for nastiness or personal attacks. Also, we're primarily interested in thoughts about the bill, not whether vaccines are linked to autism.)

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Erin is the Source Weekly's Associate Editor. Before moving to Bend in 2013, Erin worked as a writer and editor for publications in Portland including PQ Monthly and Just Out. He has also written for the Willamette Week, El Hispanic News, Travel Portland, OUT City, Boston magazine and the Taunton Daily Gazette...

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