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The Accidental Owls

Goldeen Ogawa can literally do it all



Visually too. If you need specifics, call her a fantasy writer/illustrator/painter/ cartoonist. Not bad for someone who left kindergarten after six months and didn't fully learn to read until age 12. Instead, her parents opted to teach Ogawa and her little brother at home.

"I'm off the deep end of non-traditional [education]," she says. "I learned things at a very uneven pace, but we were also getting out in the world and doing stuff."

It worked.

While most writers seek out illustrators, and artists need a good story, Ogawa can seamlessly churn out both stories and pictures.

The snowy owls on this week's cover grew out of a whim. While working on an unrelated project one day, Ogawa thought "I just want to do something cute that I can do in a single afternoon – and that was my first owl – and I can put it in a fun hat. I just wanted to create something that was pretty." Thus began the owl-painting phase of her career.

That she's even in Bend at all is also something of a happy accident. A friend invited Ogawa up from her California home to visit in 2013. You can guess the rest. "I liked the fact that it was so centralized. I wanted to have access to nature and wilderness because I derive a lot of inspiration and mental health from being able to get out into it."

She made the move last September.

Now then, please enjoy that cute couple on the cover.

It's "Owlentine's" Week, after all.

See more of Ogawa's artwork at:

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