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The (Beguiling) Face of Rock and Roll

Boise band The Blaqks is a sexy bunch who melt faces with garage glitz



Few men can get away with wearing tight, white jeans. But on stage, Boise rocker and heartthrob Cary Judd (who goes by his alter ego Danny Blaqk) sure can. In fact, he's regularly referred to as "sexy" by music writers and fans in Boise. Men and women alike love his style.

Most nights when The Blaqks have a local show, Danny's statuesque physique and chiseled jaw adorn the stage at Boise's Neurolux against a backdrop of flashing lights shaped like a crown. In control, he screams out lyrics to the kind of songs that made bands like The Darkness and Jet famous. Rock and roll—or "garage glitz" as the band calls it—is his way of fornicating with the crowd.

And for a band, that assigns attribute duties to its members on their social media sites rather than instrument responsibilities, it's no wonder Danny is listed as "the face." Refreshingly though, away from the limelight, Danny is a little more humble about that designation.

"I'm just a dude who sings in a band. I piss, sneeze, and binge on Netflix shows like anyone," Danny admitted in an interview with the Source. "I have abnormally pigmented eyes; they're not the windows to anything. It's just the result of double helixes aligning the way they did when my dad knocked my mom up."

The Blaqks' over-the-top personas don't end with their lead singer either. Other members are assigned roles like "token," "yoda," and "lightning" while the lone female—dubbed Anxie Blaqk—plays the part of the band's "vixen." Guitarist Jeremy Coverdale—aka Jonny Blaqk—(noticing a trend here?) does double duty as the "hair" and, ceremoniously, the "sausage."

"Anxie and I have seen him naked and that's all you need to know about how that name came about," joked Danny.

Thankfully, rather than being a gimmick, that kind of typical rock and roll bravado does, in fact, translate to big-time chops on stage. The boyish grins and smoldering stares become a martini shaker full of dastardly blues and flamboyant rock punctuated every time Danny interjects howls into his crisp tenor vocals or Jonny explodes into a hair band guitar solo.

Still, all brashness aside, away from the stage, the members of The Blaqks are simply bright-eyed, friendly-as-can-be Idahoans. They sit on the back patio of the house most of them share that they have dubbed Neverland, planning out this year's garden (Jonny wants lots of kale) and plotting out how not to grow up. Their stage identities seem to be just that—something they wear when they want to blow up a crowd.

"I've always felt that when you're putting on a show, even if it's in a friend's basement, it's an occasion to dress up for, to set that time apart from the day to day of life," remarked Danny. "The older I get, the more I realize the moment we're living in is the most important moment of our lives. I hope when people come to a Blaqks show they feel that message pulsing through the songs."

As alluring and captivating as the members all are, communicating that shouldn't be a problem.

The Blaqks

9 pm. Tues., March 11

Volcanic Theatre Pub

70 SW Century Dr.


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