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Hey there to all you fellow riders out there, roadies, mounties and commuters.

How about a biker coalition that patrols the roadways and the mountain biking trails? The purpose? We all get flats, have mishaps and need support - even medical aid. Out on the trails, such as Phil's Trail, a coalition would be wonderful with the millions of people coming from every planet around the universe to bike in Bend since this is the best place in the world to bike! (ha,ha...NOT) There are bike coalitions in northern California for a reason, mainly the population of riders being large. There are a lot of riders on the trails and a biker coalition would help educate riders on the right of way, friendliness, littering etc.

The trail system is wonderful when used by conscientious riders. There are many levels of riders, but not everyone is Adam Craig or Carl Decker. Some riders are slow, some medium, some quick, and some very fast all on the same trails together trying to get along. We all share the roads and we know there are slow drivers, medium drivers, and fast drivers. And we pay close attention to them.

Can you imagine if the road was (1) lane only and it was a (2) way road with semi's, pick-up trucks, cars, vans, etc? Imagine the speed limit is now anywhere from 30-70mph; who is going to yield first? This would be awesome since it would really shake things up for motorists and how to work together.

A bike coalition would offer jobs, education, medical aid on the trail, bike aid on the trail, too. During the event of an emergency they could contact the Forest Service or emergency services. Think on it people!!



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