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The Bobs "Farewell" Tour Stops in Bend

Bye-bye Bobs



The seriously talented musicians who refuse to take themselves too seriously have decided to stop touring.

While hilariously spoofing every logical expectation of how bands behave, these delightful and rather mischievous guys (and gals) have, over the years, injected humor into harmony—and comedy into "a cappella." (Words that generally don't appear so close together.)

But now, after 36 years, due mainly to "logistical" reasons, the group's current members are in the middle of their final road trip.

What's that? Not familiar with The Bobs? Then sit back and breathe in some sample lyrics from a song on their most recent (2013) album, "Biographies," which allowed them to take the "formerly overdue idea of a 'concept album' off their bucket list." It's a collection of tunes about famous (and not-so-famous) historical figures, such as frozen food legend Clarence Birdseye:

"Flash! Fresh frozen fish, for your freezer/Flash! Clarence Birdseye changed the industry—how'd he do it?"

Yes, those really are words from a little ditty entitled "Clarence Birdseye Flash Frozen Food." Brilliant, if not quite danceable.

Luckily for us, the band's current lineup, Richard Bob, Dan Bob, Angie Bob and Matthew Bob, bring their, genius, to Bend one final time this weekend. (The very name "Bobs" comes from the dog show world—an acronym meaning "best of breed.")

A bittersweet time, yes, for all the men, women and frozen fish who have come to love these lovingly odd, but remarkably charming singers so deeply.

Flash! We'll miss them.

The Bobs

Fri., May 26, 8pm

Tower Theater

835 NW Wall St., Bend

Tickets $20-$40

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