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The Bully's Sour Grapes

Letter to the editor.



That's what the editorial in the January 28 editorial sounded like to me. Over these past months, I have increasingly wondered what was driving the Bulletin's almost hysterical opposition to the ballot Measures 66 and 67.

I understand the loss of people's confidence in government, in part because of the influence of lobbyists. Government has a sacred trust to provide for the welfare of the whole people - not just those who can get them re-elected. Equally sacred is the task of a free press to tell not only the truth but to care for the welfare of the whole people - not simply the advertising accounts that fund the paper. In my life, I have known individual reporters and publishers who worked hard to be independent - even of those who funded them. Alas, I have not seen that in The Bulletin, either in its editorials or staff articles, in this campaign.

Painting a target on the back of Judy Stiegler because she supported the measures is your right, but I suspect you may have diminished credibility because of the way you covered the campaign. Those you paint as villains may have increased public credibility. Lack of confidence in you may well have increased support for the measures.

Washington and Salem must take steps to increase credibility and transparency. The times demand it. No less must The Bulletin reorder its house!

Editor's Note: This letter was originally submitted to and rejected by The Bulletin. It's printed here at the author's request.

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