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The City is Walking the Walk on SDCs. Parks Should, Too


t its Oct. 18 meeting, the Bend City Council also voted 6-0 in favor of allowing for exemptions of System Development Charges—those fees levied to developers to offset the cost of streets, water and other infrastructure that comes along with a new development—for "deed restricted Affordable Housing Projects."

As we've outlined before, the City should be doing all it can to alleviate the housing crisis that has plagued this city for years.

As Nathan Boddie pointed out during that meeting, other government bodies should follow suit. Park board members have told us before that when a person is low-income, park facilities become even more crucial, and we do agree.

However, Bend has a wealth of beautiful parks already, and subtracting the park's SDCs that would otherwise be levied to affordable housing projects would send the right message to the community. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the physiological need of shelter is more fundamental than other health or personal enjoyment needs. It's time for the Bend Park and Recreation District to do its part to alleviate the housing crisis.

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