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Live Music

The Color Study, Gabby Holt & DVS and The Beautiful Bastards at VTP

When: Fri., Dec. 10, 9-11:30 p.m.


Alright. First big rock show in a long while. Friday Dec 10. With our new friends from Portland  Gabby Holt and old friends Cosmonautical.. who’s making a reappearance from the Midwest. Really excited about this show, going to be a fun one.

Alternative singer-songwriter Gabby Holt premieres her debut EP, The Star and The Devil, a collection of six tracks probing her past connections.

Gabby explains, “In tarot, The Star card comes after The Tower and The Tower is all about something on a shit foundation that falls apart, suddenly, sometimes terribly and everything crumbles. The Star, being right after that, that’s when the healing, rejuvenation, renewed sense of hope happens. The Star is represented by Aquarius which is the water bearer, it’s also connected to the divine and a wish fulfilled. The Devil is all about addictions, sex, toxicity, obsessions. It’s represented by Capricorn. In the original Rider Waite Tarot deck, there’s a guy and a girl naked chained together but if you look closely, it’s not locked, and they can walk away at any moment. These songs are all me in connections with people who are unavailable for whatever reason and in my abandonment wound, I’m wanting it to work out, fix them, not ready to let go, not understanding what it means to let go, mistaking sexual lust for love, etc.—that’s my Devil. Obsessively wanting to be in connections where both people don’t have the right containers for each other. These songs document me on that journey of healing.”

"Bend/Minnesota based indie rockers, Cosmonautical (DVS & The Beautiful Bastards), interweave driving rhythms and soaring guitar harmonies to create cranial post-punk hooks that dig in with all the pull of Pop, while retaining their own brand of fiercely thought provoking lyricism."



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