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The Electric Flavor of Boot Juice

This big band brings a fun energy to its live shows, perfect for fans of rock, folk and Americana



If you're looking for a good time this week, look no further. Coming from Northern California to Bend this Thursday is Boot Juice, a rocking seven-piece that brings a lot of energy and that big band feel to the stage.

The band first came together with Connor Hurdt and Evan Daly, two childhood friends who have been playing music together since they were teenagers. Then it kept on evolving from there, as Boot Juice will usually perform with six to eight members on stage.

Boot Juice is a lock to get you moving and grooving when the band takes the stage. - COURTESY OF THE BAND
  • Courtesy of the band
  • Boot Juice is a lock to get you moving and grooving when the band takes the stage.

In 2021 Boot Juice released its second album, the appropriately titled "Shifting Gears." It featured bluesy roots rock, some country twang, laid-back soul and more. My personal favorite off of the record is "Summer Camp," a retro-sounding number that while a little mellow, still gets you grooving. The variety that Boot Juice plays with is what makes them special. Vocalist/art director Jess Stoll agrees.

"Everyone really brings different things to the table musically, everything from bluegrass to metal to jazz and punk are weaved into the acoustic tapestry of the band," she says.

Currently Boot Juice is working on its third album, hopefully to be released sometime in the spring or summer of 2023. Learn more about this rockin' big band in our Q&A with Stoll.

Source Weekly: You have a big band and are known for lively shows. Could you describe each member's playing style with one word each?

Jess Stoll: One word is tough but here's our best go at it!

Connor Herdt: acoustic guitarist, vocals - rootsy

Evan Daly: electric guitar, vocals - shreddy

Jess Stoll: vocals - soulful

Brett Worley: bass - melodic

Caleb Sanders: sax (alto + tenor) - tasty

Al Smith: drums, percussion - thoughtful

Micah Marmorstein: trumpet - energetic

Billy Thompson: drums, percussion- funky

SW: I have to ask, what's the story behind the name Boot Juice?

JS: One of the original band members suggested the name and Connor was drawn to it, due to the image it evokes. Dancing up a sweat in boots on dirty barroom floors; it has a working-class ring to it.

SW: You're also the band's art director. What does that entail for you?

JS: As the art director I curate the artwork for Boot Juice projects such as album covers, posters and merchandise. I am the primary illustrator and graphic designer and create the majority of our artwork, including the poster for our VTP show this week.

SW: You guys released your album "Shifting Gears" last year. What were some of your favorite memories from recording that record?

JS: "Shifting Gears" was an adventure for us. We were set to track in our producer's studio in Los Angeles in March 2020, right as COVID quarantine began. We were actually down at the studio when we received the news and Scott (our producer + engineer) had to immediately fly back home to the east coast, fearing airline shutdowns. After this, we had to get some crash course Pro Tools and recording lessons from Scott via Zoom and track everything at home. Luckily, our bassist also has a degree in studio recording, making the process easier. We learned a ton through the process! So, really, the whole process was memorable for us.

Boot Juice w/ Oregon Fryer
Thu., Sept. 29, 9pm
Volcanic Theatre Pub
70 SW Century Dr., Bend
$10 on Bendticket

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