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Sleek gifts for trend-setting types



XP2 Quadcopter Drone

Next time you're enjoying skiing through the Cascades or want an aerial view of your coast vacation, ask for the modern gift that makes photography and filmmaking from a bird's eye view possible. The XProHeli XP2 quadcopter drone comes ready to fly and is equipped to carry lightweight recording devices like a GoPro. Record high above the clouds for views that you can't capture from the ground. This drone flies easily with a remote and is light enough to carry on a long trek until you're ready to document your next adventure.

XProHeli, 20810 Sockey Place


Drinking Glasses

These modern glasses are hand crafted and can also be used for whiskey, water, or your beverage of choice. This makes a great gift for a hard worker who enjoys a cool beverage at the end of the day. Spruce up that executive's kitchenware with these locally made glasses.

Feather's Edge Finery, 113 NW Minnesota Ave.

$14 each

Apple TV

Telvision will never be the same and with Apple TV, not only can you binge watch your favorite shows, you can also play games, and access all of your apps from any Apple device. For the modern person who likes to unwind and catch up on popular films and shows, Apple TV now has a Siri remote that can help guide anyone looking for something new. Ask the Siri remote to find any genre or simply say find me something funny and this new device swipes and scrolls instead so you don't have to spend what seems like a long commercial break spelling out your search.

Simply Mac, 425 Powerhouse Dr.

Starting at $65

Ottis Webber Wheat Whiskey

For the executive with modern taste, you can't go wrong with Oregon Spirit Distillers Ottis Webber Oregon Wheat Whiskey. Although it was aged for three years in a New American oak barrel, it was released in 2014. This modern whiskey has a bit of a kick, but the wheat and corn flavors make its taste distinctive. Ottis Webber is available in all Oregon liquor stores and if you're looking to try it before making your decision, stop by the Barrel Thief for a taste.

Oregon Spirit Distillers, 740 NE First Street.


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