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eaf through these pages, then go get some leaves of your own.

Yes, Central Oregon—the next installment of the Source Weekly's Leaflet cannabis guide has officially dropped, and with this one in full-glossy glory, it's back and better than ever.

Use The Leaflet to discover the dispensary nearest you, where you can find all the cannabis flower, extracts, cartridges and other canna-stuff you want—legally!

You'll also find the spots to pick up the hardware to go along with the greens, and even a list of the area's cannabis testing labs.

But it doesn't stop there! In these pages we're also rolling out the deets on our inaugural Source Weekly Budtender Olympics.

New to town and not sure about the rules? Find the Canna-FAQs.

Also check out the musings from our cannabis columnist Josh Jardine, detailing dabs and other herbs you can smoke.

So yeah, leaf through these pages, and then go get some leaves (or rather, flower, and dabs, and all the rest) of your own.


Nicole Vulcan

Assistant Editor

Magdalena Bokowa

Editorial Team

Keely Damara, Josh Jardine

Copy Editor

Richard Sitts

Designer & Cover Photo

Wyatt Gaines

Ad Designer

Esther Gray


Wyatt Gaines, Magdalena Bokowa, Keely Damara

Advertising Team

Amanda Klingman, Chris Larro, Ashley Sarvis, Ban Tat

On The Cover: A special huge thanks to the crew at Dr. Jolly's for loaning the use of their wonderful products for our cover shoot. Thank you!

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