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The Founding Mothers

An opinion between men and women.



If it had been the Founding Mothers, John Adams would write to Abigail Adams at the drafting of the Declaration of Independence to, "Please remember the gentlemen."  But fair being fair, they wouldn't.

Instead, we MEN would NOT gain the vote until 1920, earn 76 cents for every dollar earned by women and be legally mandated in certain draconian states to submit to degrading, demeaning, dehumanizing and invasive ultrasound probes of the male genitals during routine physical exams by women doctors!

If we did not wish to view the intrusive and painful procedure on the monitor, we would of course have the option of closing our eyes or looking away from the monitor. If we refused the probe, we would then, by law, be subject to arrest and/or fines.

During war, we would be asked to work in factories as our patriotic obligation as Richard the Riveter, but we would obediently return to the kitchen, remain barefoot and pregnant once the women returned from the battlefield. If we did work, we should be willing to accept that women were promoted up the corporate ladder much faster and easier than men.



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