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The Grand Anderson

The Source's film fest tribute to the Great Wes Anderson



To conclude The Grand Anderson—which really has just been foreplay for Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest (out on March 7)—the Source presents probably his most popular film, The Royal Tenenbaums . . .and yes, it is a costume party! And by "party" we mean "contest." Winning outfit receives a day pass to Mt Bachelor. Losing costume? We have something else in mind.

And, if you're headed to the costume shop:

Richie Tenenbaum—sweat headband, John McEnrow sunglasses, camel hair suit jacket.

Margot Tenenbaum—anything, as long as it is covered by a raccoon fur coat.

Chas Tenenbaum—red Adidas track suit, with white strips.

Raleigh St. Clair—purple turtle neck, brown cord dinner jacket.

And, a big thank you to Worthy Beer for loving Wes Anderson as much as we do, and sponsoring this film series.

7 pm, Old Stone Church, 157 NW Franklin. Free.

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