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The Green Issue 2017

420, Earth Day, Veganism... it's all in there.


The Green Issue has arrived! Whether you're parading and celebrating Earth Day on April 22 or hanging out on the couch for 420, this issue is jam packed full of goodies — eco and otherwise — for your reading pleasure.

News — Under the Counter

Cannabis may be legal in Oregon — but black market sellers are still hawking it on Craigslist. The Source's cannabis guy Josh Jardine mined the listings, sampled the goods and even had it tested for chemicals. Read his take.

Feature — Recycling in Bend

You're tossing a lot of recyclables into that big blue can every week — but what happens to that stuff when it leaves your driveway? And what do all those numbers on the bottom of recyclables mean, anyway? In honor of Earth Day, Magdalena Bokowa decodes the codes and looks at what happens further down the chain.

Chow — Eco Eats

What's a planet-loving vegan (or anyone interested in planet-loving) supposed to do for eats in this town? Check out our handy-dandy chart of spots to eat vegan. PLUS, Chow writer Lisa Sipe tells you how you can drink your trees. Whaaatt, you ask? Don't ask. Just read.

Culture — The Artists Behind the Earth Day Parade Puppets

Somewhere out there, if you look hard enough, you'll find the exact spot where nature and art collide. It's a powerful dynamic. It's also where Bend artist Teafly Peterson thrives, working passionately on her future projects, in whatever shape, size and form those happen to take. Check out the story behind her puppets.

Smoke Signals — Why Do We Celebrate 420?

Debunking the 420 myth of stoner christmas. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

Screen — Climate Primer
Jared Rasic has seen a movie or two in his lifetime, and compiles this list of films you can watch to underline the message of Earth Day. Smoke Signals — The Origins of 4/20 Some say it's a police code. Some say it's in honor of Hitler's birthday. Josh Jardine tell you what 4/20 ACTUALLY means.

Plus...Hear Greg Walden's thoughts on climate change in his recent Bend town hall!

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