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The Identity Crisis: Your stereotypical drinker

Your stereotypical drinker.


I am often asked if you can tell a person by what they drink, and of course I can.

Rum and Coke? You're laid back and uncreative. You aren't worried about drinking caffeine and sugar until 2 a.m. and you don't care much for ambiance. You usually hang out with one other friend and you'd rather chill at the bar than shake your booty.

Tic Tac?(orange rum dropped into orange juice and red bull) You were born after 1986. You spend a considerable amount of time primping yourself before you leave the house and you always have an entourage. You never drink alone and you have one intention at the bar - to hook up.

Johnnie Walker Blue? Blended Scotch that sells for $25 a pour... You're a man who likes to impress his friends; others find you pompous and a slight bit pretentious. You might have been picked on in grade school but now you drive a luxury sedan.

Beefeater's Gin Martini? You were born before 1940. You don't like sudden change or a lunge for the unexpected. You are fastidious and true and never have more than two.

Absolut Pear and Soda? You're a fit attractive woman who tries to eat organic and gets at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. You are hip and tend to go out with your two close girlfriends.

White wine? Truly depends on the gender. If you are a woman, you are professional and well spoken. You go out to get away from your tedious life with your one of your close friends. If you are a man, you like men. That's all there is to it. You think Barbara Streisand is amazing and you're hoping Santa will bring you a Pomeranian this Christmas.

Can't decide what to drink? You're definitely a woman.

Identity Crisis,

2 ounces of your favorite spirit

2 ounces of your favorite mixer

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