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The Jetsetter

Gifts to travel into the future with



Oakley Sunglasses

Oakleys used to just be for athletes, rock stars, or presidents of foreign governments, but now, anyone can slip into a sweet pair of sunglasses without having to mastermind a coup in Equatorial Guinea. With the sun-obliterating polarized lenses, the modern jetsetter can travel to the brightest of lands and still see off into the shining and distant horizon. Even if your travel takes you to Barrow, Alaska, during its month of darkness, a pair of Oakleys will make the future look even brighter. These are a quick and easy way to add some mystery to those facial expressions.

Coffman Vision Clinic, 61535 S Highway 97

$100-$200 without prescription, prescription also available.

iPhone Wallets

People have used their iPhone cases to stash things like credit cards, little wads of money, and drugs for years, but that was putting the cart before the horse. The wallet is what the modern jetsetter's life exists in, carrying foreign currency, precious identification, and photos of the kids you hope are having fun somewhere else. Make the wallet be the primary device your phone comes in, not the other way around, because while sometimes it's nice to call home, it is sometimes even better to just disappear. Make yourself just a little bit hard to find.

Revolvr, 945 NW Wall St.


Tan Band, White Faced Watch from Shinola

No one really needs to wear a watch anymore. It is one of the few body accessories that have become completely replaced by something as unrelated as a telephone. So, since we can tell the time from a myriad of different sources, wearing a watch is a statement more than it is a practicality. Then the watch itself should be a statement and this watch says, "Hey, my phone is for cat videos and global positioning, but my watch tells me local time as I hack my way through this Peruvian jungle." Because if your watch can't make you Indiana Jones, you're just doing it wrong.

Revolvr, 945 NW Wall St.


GuateMaya Tours

While Guatemalan coffee beans have been popular in the States for years, it is easy to forget the process of the growth and harvesting of these delicious treats. Bellatazza's own Stewart Fritchman will take you on a guided tour of the Guatemalan highlands of Lake Atitlan, where you can experience an all-inclusive trip for the coffee connoisseur. Be fed, housed, and storied by the men and women who live on the plantations where some of the best coffee in the world is born. It couldn't possibly get any fresher than that.

Contact for more information.

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