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The Kindness of Bend Strangers

A longtime Bend resident shares his feelings about the kindness of strangers.


As a longtime Bend resident, I am periodically reminded that we live among good people. There are days when it is easy to forget how kind our neighbors can be. A fantastic example of kindness occurred during the [Pole, Pedal, Paddle] PPP. We entered this year as a family, and were enjoying the event when a bike mishap injured my son (he's fine now) and destroyed the rear wheel of the bike, preventing us from completing that portion of the race. But, kindness and sportsmanship appeared immediately. I'd estimate that at least 95 percent of racers slowed or stopped to offer assistance. A kind gentleman at the aid station (Sorry, we missed your name) offered to help us and loaned his personal tools to try to fix the bike. Unfortunately a dozen broken spokes prevented a roadside repair.

With the road closed to all but pairs, very few vehicles drove past. Fortunately, Zach Hancock, the director at [downtown Bend's] Common Table, was kind enough to interrupt his own race to deliver a broken bike and dejected riders to town. His kindness and friendly attitude were really appreciated as we drove to town. His diversion could have meant he missed the next leg of his race.

Despite disqualification, our family finished the rest of the race. We had a good time and have some fun stories to tell. It was great to see such a fantastic turnout and to be reminded that we live in a town that is still inhabited by so many kind folks.

- Christopher Farrens, Bend

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