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The Eye likes to check in on right-wing gasbag Lars Larson every so often to make sure he's performing at his usual level of idiocy.



The Eye likes to check in on right-wing gasbag Lars Larson every so often to make sure he's performing at his usual level of idiocy. We took a peek at his latest entry on the Oregon Catalyst blog this morning, and his fans can rest easy - he's still at the top of his game.

Lars says he thinks "rainy day funds" - money set aside during good economic times to help maintain government services during tough times - are a bad idea, and he explains why:

"You pay government taxes to provide you with services - fire, police, jails, courts, and of course, schools. If they hold back some of that money it means they're not providing you with the service that you are paying for.

"If they hold it back to put it into a fund, so that when the general economy declines and you're not sending in as many taxes, they get their full salaries. Well, that's just dead wrong. Government is held harmless in the middle of an economic downturn. While average families are cutting back government gets to live high on the hog. That shouldn't be happening.

"Never. No Rainy Day Funds."

Okay, so ... are we to assume that when the economy declines crime stops, fires don't happen, people stop using the highways and kids stop going to school? Maybe in LarsWorld, but not in the one most of us live in.

And we wonder whether Lars manages his personal financial affairs according to the same principle he recommends for government. Does he make sure to spend all his income every year and never put a dime into savings or investments? We suspect not even a right-winger is that dumb.

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