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The Lazy Non-Leashers



Hi Everyone,

Back to the topic of our favorite, or rather your favorite, animals in the world...dogs! I hike Farewell Bend trail three times per week and notice that on the beach next to the Reed Market bridge a sign states dogs (must) be on leashes at all times! Unfortunately, (only) a few law abiding residents of Bend will honor this by doing the right thing and putting their loved pooches on a leash.

Most people probably feel that it is no big deal to have their dog off the leash, running freely along a wooded nature trail. To us who do not have dogs and have to avoid the poops left on the trail by dog owners who cannot be bothered to pick up after their dogs, it is a problem. It's 2009 and we are all supposed to be educated, honorable, honest citizens that respect one another by following the rules of the game. Can you lazy dog owners please pick up after your dogs and put them on a leash like the city (ordinance) states?

Not everyone out there is a dog lover - although most dog owners would ask "why not"? I raised a black lab when I was in Chicago and she was a gem. Every time we went out I always respected the community by following the laws.

It is obvious dogs need to run free. Since there is now a run free, dog zone can you please take poochie there to have a ball? It is by the river near Old Mill District on the west side of the river.

Unfortunately the police will not monitor the parks in any way and this is why there are problems with the "dog leash law". Since the police here in Bend do not have the capacity or the staff to monitor the parks, I would like to offer a solution" the city (creates) a "Park Patrol Staff", offering jobs to people who need work. Les Schwab has a sign on their gate that says, "No dogs allowed Monday-Thursday" yet I see them out there everyday??

Does the city even care that the dogs are out there and their owners (are) disregarding the city ordinance? Does the city even know what message this sends? I have been here in Bend a scant 2.7 years and have seen a lot of unnecessary, unlawful events. So to all you so-called law abiding residents out there with dogs: Can you please respect those without dogs to enjoy the parks without stepping in the doggie puddings.

To the city: Could you please enforce the parks by either hiring several of us who care about the parks or monitor it yourselves. Enough said...



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