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The Leaflet — Spring 2020

Highlighting an emerging and ever-changing industry



In an industry like this one, it’s perhaps more apt to ask not, “what’s changed?” but instead, “what hasn’t changed?” From rules around CBD testing to an explosion of farms growing hemp, keeping up can be a full-time job. Inside this issue, we give you a bird’s eye view of some of that hemp farm explosion in the local area. We also outline some of the recent ups and downs for CBD regulation, and offer a primer on the next big thing: CBG. Whether you’re a consumer, a producer or just someone interested in the industry, we hope the Leaflet, Central Oregon’s only cannabis magazine, gives you some local info on this dynamic and ever-changing industry!

  • Darris Hurst

What’s inside:

A Hemp Farm Explosion

A pictorial look at Central Oregon’s hemp farm boom


A stoner’s ideal night in, complete with snacks and shows

Where Does Weed Money Go?

The tax benefits of legal cannabis

Highly Englightened Discussions

How the Cascade Cannabis Association aims to entertain and educate consumers

Budtenders Weigh In

What products local purveyors are loving right now

Plants Over Pills

What the research says about CBD for mental health & more 

What is CBG Anyway?

Look out CBD: Another cannabinoid is rising

Check out the digital edition below:

  • Darris Hurst

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