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The Leaflet—Spring 2019


Welcome to The Leaflet, Central Oregon's first—and only—local guide dedicated to all things cannabis. If you're new here, let the following pages give you a place to start in sorting out this budding industry. If you've been here a while, we hope you enjoy yet another installment of our bi-annual booklet!

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Inside these pages, find:

  • How to Grow Outdoors in Central Oregon. The growing season here is short. Let these tips and tricks from the experts ensure you have your own productive crop in your backyard.

  • The Rub on CBD Topicals. Our team tried out some of the locally made CBD creams and lotions and tells you what's good.

  • On the Farm with Jim Belushi. The famous actor is just one of many farmers growing cannabis for the Oregon market. We took a tour of his farm.

  • Historic Farm Bill. The 2018 Farm Bill puts hemp on par with other crops.

  • Cannabis News. When it comes to cannabis, rules, regulations and local leaders' stances can change often. We outline some of the latest happenings in the local industry. 

  • What Musicians Smoke. Our longtime cannabis columnist Josh Jardine is also a tour manager who meets a lot of musicians. Find out what their favorite strains are.

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  • On The Farm With Belushi

    On The Farm With Belushi

    A visit to the actor's Southern Oregon farm, supplying cannabis to Central Oregon and beyond
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    What's Happening in the World of Weed

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    Farm Bill

    Puts Hemp on Par with Other Crops
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    What Musicians Consume

    Musicians and cannabis go hand in hand. We asked a few of them what they partake in
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    Street Beat

    We asked locals, what's your definition of a "stoner?"
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    The Rub on CBD Tropicals

    From athletic ailments to epidermal irritations, CBD tropicals are the next big thing in pain relief
    • Mar 20, 2019
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    Domiciliary Dope

    Mastering home-grown cannabis outdoors in the High Desert
    • Mar 20, 2019
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