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The Lethal Method

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The proposal by the city of Bend is ludicrous! They propose to use the lethal method to cut down on the number of Canadian geese in the parks. Come on people of Bend, Oregon, USA, stand up and protect the geese! Nomenclature is being used to try to disguise the truth: "lethal method" equals execution, killing and murder of wildlife. What kind of precedent does this set for our city, our future and our children?

Wildlife a problem? Kill it!

Don't like the smell of the skunk prowling by your house? Kill it! Don't like the blue jays making their racket? Kill them! Don't like all those deer eating your flowers? Kill them! Don't like those squirrels eating your nuts? Kill them!

The Canadian goose is a game animal, hunters purchase hunting licenses and hunt them in their hunting season, and our bountiful city of Bend wants the right to kill them for no other reason than poop? Ludicrous, and at the heart of it, illegal!

Who decides how many geese are all right, and how many is too many? Does the 13th unlucky goose draw the winning lottery ticket and get killed?

That question should not even have to be asked because the ethics involved are so inhumane as to be outrageous! Not only that, but I question the legal right of our city to engage in the killing of wildlife in order to have a poop-free patch of grass. If the general citizenry of Bend were to go to a park, grab a goose and wring its neck to take home for dinner, they would be punished to the full extent of the law. I suppose the city can get a special permit to do so, but whoa, let's just consider how our visitors and children will feel. Great advertising copy for the tourist spin-doctors: Visit beautiful Bend, Oregon, the city that kills any wild animals it doesn't like! I say the idea of killing the geese because of their poop should be tossed back into the toilet where it obviously came from.

But I don't come forth without an idea of my own. Last I heard manure was a valuable product. People rush out every spring to purchase steer manure. They drive to local ranches to shovel horse manure into their trucks to take home with them. The organic farms love chicken manure.

The city of Bend already collects the goose manure, so bag it up and sell it to all us folks who love to grow plants as fertilizer. I will buy a few bags for my garden. Think about it tourist spin-doctors: Visit Bountiful Bend, Oregon - the City that Bags its Goose Poop! Remember that every action we have taken as humans to manage animals has backfired and destroyed those animal populations.

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