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American Bench Crafted Leather Journals

The real question here isn't about whether the studious writer in your life needs one of these, but whether they would prefer it in red, yellow, black, or any of the colors in between. The thick and durable leather isn't the only exciting thing here. The real find is that the paper inside is refillable for the writer who just doesn't know when to say, "Journaling isn't just a hobby, but a lifestyle." With all of the traveling your professorial friend or family member does, these journals might be the only way you really know what went down in Borneo.

Lone Crow Bungalow, 937 NW Bond St.


Jachs Brushed Wool Herringbone Blazer

Sometimes, when one is leading a life of the mind, it can be hard to know, or even truly care what is fashionable in the far-flung reaches of 2015. That is why the choice of a brushed wool herringbone blazer is always a good one. Whether it's used for a walk through the crisp air of the quad on a brisk mid-winter morning or keeping office hours late into the chilly night, in threads this stylish, all choices are the right ones. With functional buttonholes and a double vent body, it's time to teach the world fashion as well as liberal arts.

Revolvr, 945 NW Wall St.


Filson Tin Packer Hat

Whether it is about creating the mysterious persona of an adventurer-cum-academic or just looking snazzy while teaching a semester abroad, this fedora-like hat brings the attitude. It is not only water repellant, but also comes with side ventilating grommets and an interior cotton sweatband to keep everything breathing properly. While the hat itself might not inherently make one Indiana Jones or even a reasonable facsimile of one, there is no harm in adding a little dash to your Dashiell Hammett fan club. One could argue that, combined with the herringbone blazer (from Revolvr), achieving tenure might be the least interesting thing in your future.

Les Newman's Work & Outdoor Clothing, 126 NE Franklin Ave.


Harlo Double Glass Coffee Press

This coffee press isn't just sexy for the fans of fine, roasted, caffeinated goodness, but any aficionado of simple conveniences that make life just downright more livable. This handsome French press not only has visually pleasing olivewood features, but also has a double-wall construction to keep your locally-sourced coffee scalding hot for a ridiculously long time and flavorful late into the educationally rewarding evening. When grading papers becomes just as tedious and tiring as we all know it must, fetishize your coffee experience in a clean, yet classical way. A must for lovers of things both pretty and functional.

Bellatazza, 869 NW Wall St. #101


Fir and Grapefruit Travel Kit

Sometimes life as a shaper of young minds can be difficult and, dare we say, stressful. That is why taking advantage of each and every moment to treat oneself should never be dismissed. This travel kit contains fir and grapefruit scented moisturizing body wash, triple-milled bar soap (one or two mills never being enough, really), a shea butter lotion, and, the deal sealer, a 100 percent vegetable wax candle. Does it smell like a trek through the snowy woods or like a fruity kiss from Sylvia Plath? Don't we deserve both? We do?!? That's nice of you to say!

Lone Crow Bungalow, 937 NW Bond St.


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