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The Socialite

For the social butterfly who puts the class in classic



Antique Head Scarf

For days when your hair isn't cooperating or if you want to add a pop of color to your ensemble, do just that with the help of a silk headscarf. Whether going for a casual or classic look by wearing your hair up or down, a headscarf can help maintain your style without looking messy. It's even useful during the summer months to keep your hair in place while riding with the car top down. This one-of-a-kind gift can be found in almost any vintage boutique or antique store.

Trivia Antiques, 106 NW Minnesota Ave.


Die Fledermaus Bend Opera

A night at the opera could be the best way to spend a classic night out on the town—especially when this German opera is performed in English. What's even better? David Malis—a Met Opera veteran—will be there to lend his baritone range to this two-night event. And if you're looking to surprise someone with tickets to the opera, Opera Bend's 2016 schedule offers a few more shows through next summer. Even if you're not sure what to expect, take a chance and surprise the socialite with these hot tickets.

Pinckney Center for the Arts, Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW College Way


Santa Maria Novella Perfume

This classic scent is still in style. Santa Maria's rose, pomegranate, and vanilla fragrances may have begun with Dominican Monks in 1200, but the hints of lipids and herbs remain a hip way to smell good. The company uses natural, raw ingredients and doesn't test its products on animals. These perfumes come in fresh scents like verbena and flowery colognes like gardenia. Not only has this popular perfume been around for centuries making its way through royal courts, it also made its way to Russia, China, and what were once remote parts of the world. A gift can't get any more classic than this.

Hot Box Betty, 903 NW Wall St.


Vintage Rings

If you're in search of a colorful stone, stop at the Jewel Box and gaze at all the different purple, blue, red, and pink stones. There's a solitaire, marquis cut sapphire that is particularly fitting for anyone in search of a classic ring. This boutique is also home to amethysts and rubies. These elegant rings are ideal for the everyday socialite gathering or a classic engagement ring. That's right, before diamonds were common, the engagement ring came in a variety of colors. The best reason to buy any classic ring—they are often one of a kind.

The Jewel Box, 841 NW Bond St.

Price Varies

Large Handbag

If you'll be out and about for the day or if you've been known to spontaneously get out of town for the evening, check out the large handbags—which we think can double as overnight bags—at Faveur. Classically designed synthetic leather keeps these fashionable bags both desirable and animal friendly. Pack a lunch or an extra outfit in one of the blush beige, brown, or burlap bags. For the busy socialite who doesn't have time to carry more than one tote, take the time to search through the eclectic selections in this boutique with two local locations.

Faveur Eclectic Unique Boutique, 714 NW Franklin Ave & 150 W Cascade, Sisters


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